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What does kidney stone diet prevent have?

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Kidney stone is the common disease of Department of Urology in first place. The age of onset is 20~ 50 years old. It is more common in adult male, which directly affects renal function and is extremely harmful. Among the patients who came to the Department of Urology, the incidence of kidney stones was the first.
Drink plenty of water: it can dilute urine and prevent high concentrations of salts and minerals from accumulating into stones. The right amount of water is up to 1 days 2L urine. The daily 5 times concentrated drinking water, respectively, before going to sleep at night, the morning after breakfast and dinner after 1h 1H, drinking water must be spaced evenly, the best nurturance is the habit of drinking water to drink, don't wait to feel thirsty, drinking water with white boiling water.
Add cellulose: eat rice, sugar, bran, can prevent stones from occurring.
More activities: people who do not love activities, easy to calcium deposition in the blood. For long-term sedentary classrooms, students in front of the computer, it is suggested that in busy study, more physical exercise, such as playing, running and so on, to reduce the occurrence of stones or to promote the discharge of kidney stones.
Eat less salt: if there is a stone, it should reduce the intake of salt. The daily intake of salt should be reduced to 2~3 G.
Should not eat too high protein content of food: kidney stones for laboratory analysis found that stones in calcium oxalate accounted for 87.5%. Such a large proportion of the source of calcium oxalate is because the protein contains oxalic acid in addition to raw materials, but also to promote intestinal absorption of calcium. If the excessive consumption of high protein food, will cause kidney and urinary calcium, oxalate, uric acid increased generally, if not timely the excess calcium, oxalate, uric acid excretion, formation of kidney stones, ureteral calculi producing condition. This is the main reason for the increasing incidence of kidney stones in today's developed countries in the world.
Should not eat food containing oxalic acid high: the accumulation of oxalic acid in the body, is one of the factors leading to kidney stones, urinary calculi. Spinach, beans, grapes, cocoa, tea, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, plums, bamboo shoots, etc., are foods containing higher oxalic acid. The study found that 200g spinach contains oxalic acid 725 mg, if 1 people will eat 200 g spinach all 1 times, after eating 8 h, check the excretion of oxalic acid in urine is 20~ 25mg, equivalent to the average amount of oxalic acid excreted by normal people 24h.
Should eat purine rich foods: animal offal, seafood, peanuts, beans, spinach, etc., all contain more purine components. When purine enters the body, the end product of metabolism is uric acid, which can precipitate oxalate deposits in the urine.
Should not eat too much fat food: eat pork fat food can reduce the intestinal calcium binding, so the oxalate absorption caused by increased, if the event of voiding dysfunction such as sweating, less water, less urine, kidney stones, it is easy to form.

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