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Kidney stones patients diet taboo

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-15


The formation of kidney stones is a result of certain factors caused by increased concentration of urine in the crystal material or decreased solubility, was supersaturated state, precipitation and crystallization in the local growth, accumulation, and ultimately the formation of stones. There are many factors that affect the formation of stones, age, sex, race, genetic, environmental factors, eating habits and occupation associated with the formation of stones. To this end, patients must always pay attention to diet, to avoid the disease more serious.
1, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables can provide a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients; However, some of these foods also contain oxalates, if you are susceptible to kidney stones, should eat less.
Oxygen, calcium, cola Bran. However, do not completely remove these foods before consulting your doctor. Often, these foods can be taken in limited quantities.
2, eat less meat and some fish. People with uric acid stones often eat large amounts of animal protein. Animal protein will accelerate the production of uric acid and calcium in the urine, leading to the formation of stones. Therefore, eating meat to moderate.
3, protein food purine degradation after the formation of uric acid. If you are suffering from uric acid stones, you also need to reduce the intake of protein, especially the higher purine content of food. These foods include: anchovies, roe, herring, mackerel, mussels, sardines, and shrimp. Other purine content is high, need to pay attention to food include: beer, brain, heart, kidney, liver, chop suey, and wine. Some fish purine content is high, can lead to the formation of uric acid and kidney stones.


Kidney stones patients diet taboo 


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