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Patients with IGA nephropathy would better eat less of these

Written by admin | Published on 2017-07-27


The causes of IGA nephropathy is various, such as heredity, infection, mesangial cell inflammation, precipitation of large amount of immune complex substances in mesangial region, and all of these may cause IGA nephropathy. So, to prevent IGA nephropathy, people need to pay more attention to themselves. And, if a person suffer from IGA nephropathy, then it is better not take the following food.

Pig liver: pig liver contains the highest cholesterol in all animal offal; and the liver is a detoxification organ, so patients with kidney disease eat less animals liver food.

Roast beef and mutton: the harm of eating barbecue for patients with nephropathy is equivalent to that of smoking; they are likely to cause cancer, because the meat directly on the heat under the grill, the decomposition of fat droplets in the charcoal; the meat proteins combining with food coke thermal polymerization reaction produce a kind of benzo pyrene which is highly carcinogenic substance. Attached to the surface of the food. It has been found that the traces of benzene in the burnt debris on the iron tab used for roasting are as high as 125 micrograms per kilogram. In the rush hour, it not only endangers the food, but also harms the people passing by. Of course, eating occasionally is not a big danger.

Spinach: experts in our hospital say that people over the age of 40 should not eat this vegetables. Because the oxalic acid is rich in spinach, it will combine with zinc and calcium in the body, resulting in the lack of calcium and zinc.

MSG: if there is obvious edema in patients with kidney disease, salt should be limited, if the edema is not obvious, the restriction can not be so strict, as long as the diet does not cause swelling. The chemical composition of MSG is monosodium glutamate, also belongs to the sodium salt category, as a seasoning taking less is ok; some swelling patients can use diuretic.

Deep-Fried Dough Sticks: as we all know, it contains elements of aluminum, the metal element is harmful to kidney; it is likely to affect the development and function of brain cells, so reduce people's memory, in severe cases, may also lead to the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

Preserved egg: added a lot of lead containing substances mainly in the process of making the food, long-term utility, it is easily lead to lead poisoning, which is extremely harmful to people's health. 

Those above are the daily attention of nephrotic patients; and if you still want further understanding of the relevant knowledge of kidney disease, you can consult our online experts.

Patients with IGA nephropathy would better eat less of these foods
Patients with IGA nephropathy would better eat less of these foods 

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