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what are renal diet restrictions?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-11


About kidney health diet we already introduced today, experts will introduce the eating habits of renal injury in daily life, may these habits you are still not aware of it, today let us specialist help you to find the bad habits, know its incalculable consequences.
First of all, all of workplace problems, do not drink water. The main function of the kidneys is to produce urine, and when our body is under water, it allows the kidneys to regulate your amount of love and keep your body's balance of water. A long absence of water results in less urine and increased levels of waste and toxins in the urine. The most common kidney diseases, kidney stones and hydronephrosis are closely related to the absence of water. And drink plenty of water can dilute the urine, protect the kidneys, but also conducive to waste and toxins discharged. The second is the food, high protein supplement. Although our body protein is an essential nutrient, but the intake must be strictly controlled, if it is serious than needed, metabolites such as urea, uric acid, creatinine and other nitrogenous substances will be discharged from the urine, increase the burden on the kidneys, and even make the kidney in a long-term overload state, kidney function harm. The last thing is drink beverage. Experts warned that the beverage contains sugar, phosphate, caffeine and other ingredients will promote the excretion of calcium, urine calcium content will also increase, forming stones. Sports drinks also contain extra electrolytes and salt, and people with kidney disease need to be careful with these drinks. Experts recommend drink less beverage, drink more plenty of boiled water, promote toxins in the body in time, to protect kidney health.
Keeping kidney healthy, diet control is the key, scientific diet, kidney health is around us.

what are renal diet restrictions?
what are renal diet restrictions?

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