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Can you eat sea cucumber?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-08


 Along with the development of our society today, the continuous improvement of living standards, people on the requirements of their diet from the original eat into eat, seafood is now the most favored by many experts in nutrition food, and sea cucumber in many talent shows itself of seafood, why seafood are so popular? Can we eat seafood in patients with kidney disease?
First of all, experts say, sea cucumber can regulate the body water balance, suitable for pregnant women swollen legs. At the same time, it can also eliminate fatigue, improve our immunity, and enhance resistance to disease. The second is also rich in iron and sea cucumber collagen, with significant blood, nourishing blood, strengthening the economy, the effect of Bushen yijing. There is a unique sea cucumber active material holothurin, has significant inhibitory effects on various fungi, sea cucumber A and B can be used for the treatment of fungal infection and white fungus, has significant anti-inflammatory and osteogenesis, especially has obvious therapeutic effect on patients with hepatitis, tuberculosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Finally, the sea cucumber in the sea cucumber toxins, but also an antidote, which can very well inhibit the growth and metastasis of tumor cells, effective clamshell, anti-cancer effect. In view of this, sea cucumber is popular with people, or there are reasons why, but can patients with kidney disease use sea cucumber? Tongshantang nephropathy experts say if you value the creatinine and urea nitrogen in normal, experts recommend eating small amounts of sea cucumber, cucumber is rich in protein content, the free will increase the burden on the kidneys of our intangible, so experts advise, nephropathy in edible sea cucumber must consult your doctor, follow the doctor's advice the doctor advised, in strict accordance with the.
Through the above experts, you can eat your sea cucumber should understand, experts remind you, for good food, must limit, not with sex diet. Scientific diet, proper exercise, can be healthy and longevity.

can you eat sea cucumber?

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