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Dietary Principles for Patients with Chronic Nephritis

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According to different conditions and renal function to provide a variety of nutrients to increase the resistance, as far as possible to retain the residual renal function, prolong the time to enter the renal failure.

1. Limit the protein: determine the amount of protein intake based on the degree of renal impairment. Long disease, renal dysfunction is not serious, the food protein does not have to strictly limit, but not more than 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day, of which more than 50% of high-quality protein. When there is azotemia, the protein is limited by the condition.

2. Limit the intake of sodium: edema and hypertensive patients, should limit the salt to 2 grams per day to 3 grams is appropriate. Edema, severe control of salt in the daily 2 grams or less, or given salt-free diet, while regular checks of serum potassium, serum sodium levels, to avoid the polyuria or prolonged sodium, resulting in lack of sodium or lack of body. There are edible appropriate restrictions on water, daily 1 000 ml ~ 1 500 ml is appropriate

3. To ensure the supply of heat: chronic nephritis course of long, heat supply to meet the needs of activities. Sugar and fat as the main source of heat. Adult daily about 8368 ~ 10032 kcal heat.

4. Sufficient inorganic salts and vitamins: Vitamin should be fully supplied, pay attention to add b vitamins, vitamins a, vitamin c and folic acid and other rich food. For patients with anemia caused by nephritis, should be more rich in b vitamins, iron and folic acid foods such as animal liver, viscera, green leafy vegetables and so on.

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Dietary Principles for Patients with Chronic Nephritis

Dietary Principles for Patients with Chronic Nephritis



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