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The treatment of IgA nephropathy_The diet of IgA nephropathy_IgA nephropathy

It contains the suitable diet, nursing methods, the relationship between cold and IgA Nephropathy, reason of it and the harm of it.

Can iga kidney disease patients eat walnuts?

Can iga kidney disease patients eat walnuts?Any disease should have a daily basis control,then can iga kidney disease patients eat walnuts? As the saying goes, people eat food for the day, the saying goes from the mouth, we can see the food for the patien ...

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IgA nephropathy diet plan

IgA nephropathy diet planDiet on patients with IgA nephropathy, its importance is not less than the treatment strategy, so patients with IgA nephropathy should have a diet plan, the diet of patients with IgA nephropathy in different sta ...

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Does Iga nephropathy cause leg pain?

Does Iga nephropathy cause leg pain?Iga nephropathy is a renal injury caused by immunoglobulin deposition. With the decline of renal function, patients suffer from a variety of symptoms and pain. A lot of patients always complain about leg pain, s ...

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