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What are the characteristics of Chinese medicine in treating

Great harm caused by diabetes mellitus complicated etiology; its duration is long, after the onset of 5~10 years, it is easy to cause the disease; when renal capillary damage occurs, it will form diabetic nephropathy, the following is the t...

What are the characteristics of Chinese medicine in treating

May 18, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Great harm caused by diabetes mellitus complicated etiology; it’s duration is long, after the onset of 5~10 years, it is easy to cause the disease; when renal capillary damage occurs, it will form diabetic nephropathy, the following is the treatment of diabetic nephropathy while is not harmful to the kidney.

First, pay attention to your own blood sugar, including diet therapy, and the use of hypoglycemic drugs.

Two, active treatment for the complications of the disease such as reducing the patients with elevated blood pressure, or reduce the patient three high (high perfusion, high filtration, high pressure), so as to reduce the occurrence of proteinuria in patients with renal failure and delay the patient.

Three, if disease was found, practice application of repair combined with traditional Chinese medicine, the use of active ingredients of Chinese medicine, the effective circulating blood volume of the kidney gradually increase, improve ischemia and anoxia lesion of the kidney, clear the immune complex induced renal fibrosis in the kidney of the heap in order to repair, kidney pathological damage to. Once the damaged kidney has been repaired, the filtration function of the kidneys will be improved, and the function of the kidneys will continue to recover. At this point, the symptoms of proteinuria will disappear naturally. The serum creatinine increased will continue to fall, because the kidney function gradually improved, the patient excessive accumulation of metabolic wastes and toxins such as creatinine and urea nitrogen, can timely clearance in vitro.

As far as the general situation is concerned, TCM should be superior to western medicine in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy. Because Western medicine for various secondary and primary nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and other nephrotic treatment, mostly using hormone therapy, but the hormone on the condition of the cover stronger, side effects are obvious, and easy to relapse. In addition to dialysis and kidney transplantation, there is still no ideal method for the treatment of renal failure and uremia. Moreover, dialysis can only maintain life, palliative, and prone to dependence. Moreover, the success rate of renal transplantation is low, the phenomenon of rejection is difficult to solve for a while, and expensive costs often make patients unable to do anything".

After thousands of years of practice, especially in recent decades, the traditional Chinese medicine has become more and more mature in the theory and practice of diabetic nephropathy treated by Chinese medicine. Compared with western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine has obvious curative effect and the disease is difficult to recur. On the other hand, it has no pain, no toxicity, no side effects and low cost. At present, Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, uremia, and some medical technology developed countries, regardless of the top and bottom. Therefore, although kidney disease is difficult to treat, it is not an incurable disease. It is not the only way to maintain life through dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Three characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy. 

First of the characteristics: overall conditioning. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney lesions is in the kidney, but closely related with the other viscera. Because the body is a whole, must carry on the overall conditioning, not alone to mechanical lesions locked in the kidney, to take that kind of "treat headache, treatment gap palliatives, especially in patients with chronic kidney disease often result in multiple systems and organs, the condition is complex, influence each other. For the treatment of trouble, is hard to deal with. In this case, the use of Chinese medicine theory of yin and Yang and five principles of treatment, the overall conditioning, rousing, tackling the problem, combined with a variety of diarrhoea. This is incomparable with Western medicine.

Dysfunction of the spleen, lungs, and kidneys can lead to kidney atrophy and kidney failure. Because the kidney, spleen and lung function are insufficient, the supply of nutrients in the Zang and Fu organs, Qi and blood are reduced, and the Qi and blood flowing through the kidney are less, which leads to kidney malnutrition, tissue sclerosis and atrophy. The treatment principle is that active substances released by Chinese medicine by gene treatment, can target to the renal lesions, through drug anticoagulant, kidney kidney fibrosis is blocking the development of renal lesions and vascular dilation, blood popular patency, improve microcirculation, so as to dredge the meridians, promoting blood circulation and by the temperature the purpose of dispelling cold, cure.

Second characteristics: dialectical governance. Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, different patients at different times and different stages of disease to adopt different treatment methods, this is the argument treatment method. That is to say, we pay great attention to the inpidual particularity of the disease and adopt very flexible targeted therapy.

Third characteristics: small side effects. The drugs in Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease is natural growth, without the artificial synthetic chemicals toxic side effects, while avoiding the harmfulness of liver, kidney, stomach and other adverse reactions. All medicine have some poison components; Chinese medicine can drop the drug side effects to a minimum in the process of treatment. Western medicine is impossible to achieve this.

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