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Misunderstanding of diabetic nephropathy

With the improvement of peoples material life, more and more people are suffering from diabetes. Subsequent complications from chronic hyperglycemia are also slowly harming peoples health. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most serious com...

Misunderstanding of diabetic nephropathy

May 17, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

With the improvement of people's material life, more and more people are suffering from diabetes. Subsequent complications from chronic hyperglycemia are also slowly harming people's health. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most serious complications of diabetes and is the main cause of end-stage kidney disease. There is a widespread misconception about the prevalence of diabetic nephropathy. Here's how to prevent diabetic nephropathy.

The first is low awareness, and many people don't know that diabetes can cause kidney damage. The occurrence of nephropathy can aggravate the existing disease in diabetic patients, and can cause or aggravate the damage of vital organs such as heart, brain and eye. Patients often wait for symptoms such as swelling and foaming, and they lose the best time to control them.

The second is the low treatment rate, the cause of diabetic nephropathy and chronic hyperglycemia. In clinic, but many people with diabetes do not take medicine on time, with feel free to add and subtract drugs, even in the "feel good" when to stop, delay or aggravate the disease.

The third is that the control rate is low, and the treatment of diabetic nephropathy is often more difficult than the general kidney disease. The patient's blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipid treatment is not up to standard, can not stick to scientific and reasonable way of life, can aggravate kidney injury. Once a lot of proteinuria is in the process, the progressive decline of kidney function occurs.

Prevention of diabetic nephropathy in five aspects

1, The occurrence of renal disease in glycosis is seen in many cases in life, and diabetic nephropathy is also very serious in the kidney. Diabetic nephropathy is a common disease that affects patients' lives and health at any time. And if people don't pay attention to the prevention methods of diabetic nephropathy in time, it may lead to the development of the disease, which can be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to understand the prevention methods of diabetic nephropathy to make a healthier life. Let's look at the prevention of diabetic nephropathy.

2, Adjust your lifestyle. Diabetes is a chronic disease, and the rules of living are very important, and when the body is allowed to do it, it is good for sugar metabolism.

The prevention of diabetic nephropathy should be maintained in proper motion. Appropriate regular activity is an important means of treating diabetes, and can take many kinds of activities.

3, all people with diabetes progression of diabetic nephropathy for more than five years or more, often should check kidney function, urine protein qualitative, quantitative, 24 hours urinary protein, and pay attention to measuring blood pressure, to do the inspection. So, this is one of the prevention methods for diabetic nephropathy.

4, The ways to prevent diabetic nephropathy include paying attention to diet and not overeating. Great fluctuation in the otherwise can lead to blood sugar, urine sugar, destroy the balance of the body, eat less fat and Fried food, right amount to eat chicken, fish, lean lean, eat more vegetables, avoid alcohol. Other diabetics should carry snacks and sweets with them when they go out to avoid low blood sugar.

5, if determined to trace albumin increased, and can rule out other causes of the increase, such as urinary tract infection, exercise, primary hypertension, should be on high alert. Diabetic nephropathy should be kept in an effort to control blood sugar, which may be as close to normal as possible. If the blood pressure of >18.7/12kpa should be positive, the blood pressure should be kept in a normal range. At the same time, low salt and low protein diet should also be emphasized.


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