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Micro Chinese Medicine osmotic therapy

It is difficult to explain Chinese medicine osmosis therapy in a single word. But it can be concluded like: a refined oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine combined with external use, coupled with the integrated use of Chinese...

Micro Chinese Medicine osmotic therapy

Aug 09, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

It is difficult to explain " Chinese medicine osmosis therapy" in a single word. But it can be concluded like: a refined oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine combined with external use, coupled with the integrated use of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and renal cells repairing therapy.

If explained in full details, this treatment contains the following meanings:

First, the treatment is:

The meaning of "micro" means that the processing method of traditional Chinese medicine is grinding and decocting. We have made new processing methods to make the powder thinner and more absorbed. Therefore, it is called "micro". The essence is more subtle. The specific method of processing is aimed at protecting hospitals and is no longer explained in detail.

Infiltration refers to our hospital in the formation of the characteristics of the hospital when the treatment, the effective use of traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine external application therapy. But over the years, the external application of Chinese medicine has always been a problem to solve, that is, effective drugs, the amount of actual infiltration into the body can not reach the ideal, so that people are skeptical about the real effect of this treatment. In our design of external application of the formula, the use of a unique method of penetration of drugs, so as to ensure the unique therapeutic effect of external application of drugs. In order to highlight the special nature of this method, we highlighted the word "infiltration" in the introduction of the treatment of "two words".

At the time of the design of this therapy, our hospital has fully absorbed the frontier technology of Chinese and Western medicine, so that the theoretical basis for the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has been well interpreted. According to the current international kidney disease treatment front theory, theory of kidney disease incidence from organizational theory to the development of the theory of cytology, so the diagnosis of kidney disease, also from clinical diagnosis into pathological diagnosis. For this reason, the scientific diagnosis of renal disease has become an analysis of the damage of cellular function on the basis of cell injury. Then, the original theory of renal function impairment has become the damage and lesion diagnosis theory of the renal intrinsic cell function today. On this basis, the treatment of kidney disease, also became the repair of renal cells function, and to repair the kidney cells, it is necessary to solve a problem is to completely remove the extracellular matrix caused by renal cell injury, damage of renal cells of arch-criminal.

In this way, the pathogenesis of kidney disease can be found, namely: when the body's immune system decline, kidney damage of harmful substances will take advantage of a weak point, and these harmful substances will be the first natural cell invasion to the kidneys outside of the matrix, when the substrate is violated, it will lead to extracellular matrix hyperplasia, proliferation, the result is extracellular matrix increased. Extracellular matrix hyperplasia, increased the results will lead to renal cells by extrusion and damage, damage or damage, cell damage, damage the natural process, is the inherent cell function damage, damage, kidney damage and intrinsic cell function damage process is our traditional diagnosis in said process. The pathological process called renal fibrosis. Moreover, we found that in the course of the study, treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and the use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, is consistent in preventing renal extracellular matrix hyperplasia, proliferation and increase, but at this point also unify, therefore, our hospital in the micro drug penetration therapy can also be as the micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy blocking renal fibrosis, also called: Micro Chinese medicine to prevent extracellular matrix increased penetration therapy.

Second, the applying drugs in the treatment:

Our hospital in the process of using the therapy, may take kinds of Chinese and Western medicine and therapy, and we strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and drug therapy, and will strengthen the current western medicine to the important role of escort, emphasizing the supporting role of no pure western medicine, TCM nephropathy is a helpless battle. To this end, our hospital in the treatment of kidney disease, the real realization of the current western medicine, western medicine, the current Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in this hospital, the sum of the Trinity therapy. Practice has proved that the effect of this combination therapy is accurate.

Third, the principle of the treatment:

Comprehensive treatment of Western medicine, if the treatment process is correct, then it will be integrated the following treatment methods:

1: vasodilator therapy. All patients with renal disease, due to various oxidative stress and inflammatory mediators in the blood, will inevitably lead to vascular damage and damage of the organizations at all levels, which will inevitably lead to poor blood circulation, resulting in ischemia and hypoxia of microcirculation system, and this will cause ischemia and hypoxia due to renal cells and hypoxia ischemia damage. In order to alleviate this state, western medicine treatment will be symptomatic use of various vasodilator drugs, in order to alleviate kidney symptoms.

2: anti-inflammatory therapy. The emergence of nephritis, there must be a large number of inflammatory mediators released in the blood circulation, in order to solve the various inflammatory reactions caused by this, western medicine will inevitably use various anti-inflammatory measures.

3: anticoagulant, anti thrombosis therapy. The emergence of inflammatory lesions will inevitably lead to the enhancement of platelet activity, while the formation of platelets will cause the normal blood viscosity to develop in the direction of blood coagulation. And the increase of coagulation factors, will gradually make the blood form a different degree of thrombosis, and the formation of thrombosis will inevitably lead to blockage of microcirculation and hypoxia ischemia. In order to alleviate this situation, western medicine will use various anticoagulant and anti thrombosis drugs.

4: the treatment of extracellular matrix degradation. From the point of view of Western medicine, the invasion and proliferation of various kinds of harmful substances lead to the proliferation and proliferation of the extracellular matrix of the kidney. The proliferation and proliferation results in the formation of extra cellular matrix. In order to alleviate this situation, western medicine will be used to degrade the extracellular matrix of drugs, in order to curb excessive growth of extracellular matrix.

In turn, we will ask whether Chinese medicine plays a role in this field. The practice in our hospital has proved that Chinese medicine not only plays a role in this aspect, but also has a definite feature.

1: About vasodilator action. Our Chinese medicine why can reduce blood pressure? Why can quickly relieve chest pain and other symptoms? Why can quickly relieve asthma and cough? There are a lot of vasodilator core reason is that we Chinese medicine, but also proved that many drug ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine than western medicine to also soon, so if the use of the vasodilator effect of traditional Chinese medicine, is not in doubt.

2: anti-inflammatory effect. The anti-inflammatory effect of traditional Chinese medicine is not for meet the eye everywhere, wins, especially in the treatment of chronic inflammation, a lot better than western medicine has good effect, but some of our doctors will not clever use of it, here is not to enumerate the.

3: anticoagulant, anti thrombosis role. Without exaggeration, the method of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis is a unique feature of traditional Chinese medicine, which can not be understood by Western medicine. Moreover, the method is effective in the treatment of most diseases. In fact, the secret of the treatment is anticoagulation and antithrombotic. Proof of treatment practice in our hospital, blood stasis of anticoagulant therapy in kidney disease, anti thrombosis is a definite curative effect, treatment and therapy of activating blood circulation and drug not only in anticoagulation, anti thrombosis curative effect, at the same time, the anti-inflammatory treatment also showed a very strong role.

4: degradation. Found in practice, some micro active substances in traditional Chinese medicine, has a strong role in promoting enhanced lysosomal activity, so that the rapid secretion of lysosomal enzymes and some decomposition of the extracellular matrix, and degradation of the excessive extracellular matrix increased. One prominent phenomenon is that the extracellular matrix content in the kidney is continuously decreased by the use of micronized Chinese medicine, which shows that Chinese herbal medicine is unique in explaining the extracellular matrix.

In the treatment as long as receiving the positive effects of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, effectively combine the two, the effect of treatment will show a comprehensive effect, and will show a better effect than single therapy.

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