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TCM prescription(一)

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that human growth and development, aging and kidney are closely related. Can be said that the aging or aging speed, the length of life, to a large extent depends on the strength of the kidney. Kidney st...

TCM prescription(一)

Feb 26, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that human growth and development, aging and kidney are closely related. Can be said that the aging or aging speed, the length of life, to a large extent depends on the strength of the kidney. Kidney strong, is not easy to aging, the aging speed is slow, long service life; on the other hand, kidney failure, early aging, aging fast, short life.

As China's famous medical scientist Ye Tianshi said, "the man to the old, the first loss of the yuan," where the next yuan, which means that the inherent vitality, and vitality hidden in the kidney, Qi deficiency, that is, kidney qi deficiency, so the body becomes old. Thus, the key to longevity is whether the maintenance of human kidney, then what is the folk prescription, prescription can maintain the kidney?


Kidney 1, Cistanche 30 grams, 100 grams of rice, onion, pepper, salt and the amount. Remove the kidney fascia, washed chopped. Cistanche chopped. Panning clean, into the pot, boiled, and kidney, Cistanche, onion, pepper, salt, boil porridge.

The party has kidney impotence, tonifying the kidney essence effect. Applicable to weak strain, kidney impotence, deafness, tinnitus, palace cold infertility.

The side from the "San Hui Fang", the original "general debility, for Yang weakness, qi". Common prescription for tonifying kidney. If the time lost in the transfer, a long illness or chronic loss, kidney essence deficiency, Yang weakness, see Gong Leng strain, impotence, infertility, appropriate method of invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang, tonifying the kidney essence. Party in kidney, strong kidney essence, warming kidney to invigorate yang;

In Cistanche, japonica for help, Cistanche kidney yang, essence and blood, tonifying the loss of rice. All materials are combined, the kidney is stronger. This party is the aphrodisiac, and Bushen Yijing, strong force, impotence or infertility especially the cold palace. Other kidney deficiency syndrome, are edible.

"Meal" was loaded with kidney, kidney congee, rice, fermented black bean, for "kidney deafness". "Transfer" differentiation of kidney disease diet contained porridge, for all kidney disease ". The crystal of kidney and kidney congee porridge, although can invigorate the kidney, but this is the time of the kidney, porridge, porridge and the kidney.


Millet 50 grams. Corn panning clean, into the pot, add water, stir Shaofei, use small fire boil congee.

This side is beneficial to kidney deficiency, heat diuretic effect. Applicable to weak strain, asthenia of the spleen and stomach, diarrhea and diarrhea, infection.

The side from the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "medicine", "disease differentiation" diet adjustment, the original for "Dantian Jether, complement deficiency, stomach", "heat dysentery, infection," tonic heat common party. A loss of governance, loss of kidney deficiency, deficiency of spleen and stomach deficiency is seen; heat transport, arrhythmia, see diarrhea; lower Jiao deficiency heat, bladder gasification adverse, see drench disease. Method should be tonifying kidney tonic, heat diuresis. With a single crystal of corn flavor, kidney tonic, heat diuretic, simple special force. The crystal to clear up the deficiency heat is known, edible.

This method is used to clean up zhilishen, suitable for corn chen.


Sparrow 1, corn 50 grams, onion, the amount of liquor. The sparrow to the hair from meat, chopped, fried, boiled water again put the amount of liquor less, and rice porridge, porridge will become one onion cook 1-2 boiling, 2 times a day.

The sparrow is Ploceidae all meat or animal sparrow, sparrow, sparrow alias. Sweet and warm, power good aphrodisiac Yijing, warm waist, narrow it, is to enhance male sexual function, common health food cure impotence.

Party to the sparrow, with corn, the spleen and stomach, moisten the penis; pungent onion and wine, exciting Yang; help, help Kidney Yang Xing, to enhance the effectiveness of sparrows, Siwu matched by kidney yang fang. The original for the "deficiency of Zang Fu, emaciation, Yang deficiency of the disease. Regular consumption of this product can enhance the system, improve sexual function. Male impotence, premature ejaculation, female sterility, cold. Is for infertility nursed back to health. "Old age Pro Book" also contains this party.

This nature is warm, Yin not to eat.


Dog meat 1000 grams, 1000 grams of rice, amount of distiller's yeast. The dog wash, boiled, boiled rice pound drunk, thousands of Steamed Rice, dog and mud mix, to be cold, plus amount of distiller's yeast fermentation, a fermented glutinous rice. Daily morning fasting drink 20--30 ml.

The dog for canine animal dog meat, also called dog meat. It has not only the protein and other nutrients, but also contains purine and carnosine and potassium, sodium, chlorine and other compounds. The dog salty and warm, the main supplement kidney, impotence, strong waist, warm, spleen and stomach, no weak food is the most suitable. Combination of glutinous rice and yeast, but also help Yuanyang gas, and reinforcing the coke gas. The nourishing vitality, warming kidney yang, spleen and stomach. Yuanyang weak impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea can be selected as appropriate.

Yang Sheng, Wang Wang, who should not use the fever.


Chestnut meat 100 grams, 25 grams of dry lotus root starch, osmanthus 2 grams of sugar, candied plum 2piece, rose petals 2, the amount of sugar. Wash the chestnut meat cut into slices, stir the pot home, put appropriate amount of water, boil, pour chestnut meat, sugar, boil, skim; then dry lotus root starch water and mix thoroughly, uniform into the pot, a soup like Ling pan, Sheng into the bowl, put plum sliced in soup, sprinkle with sugar sweet scented osmanthus and rose petals into.

The kidney tonifying qi and spleen, invigorating the spleen, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, is suitable for the people with weak spleen and stomach.



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