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What is the clinical significance of renal biopsy?

admin TAGS: 2017-10-15 15:03

The high incidence of kidney disease is now a normal phenomenon, the reasons are manifold, but the treatment does not promote renal biopsy as mentioned below.Do you know what is a renal puncture? What exactly does renal biopsy represent? What are the dangers of renal biopsy that need to be known?Let’s learn about it!

Definition of renal puncture

Renal puncture is a renal biopsy, also known as renal biopsy. Because of the wide variety of kidney diseases, the etiology and pathogenesis is complex, the clinical manifestations of many kidney diseases and renal histological changes are not exactly the same. For example, the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome, pathology can be presented as minor lesions, mild lesions, mild mesangial proliferation, membranous nephropathy, membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis, localized sclerosis and other changes, the treatment and progression of the disease are also very different.

The clinical significance of renal puncture

Clear diagnosis: The clinical diagnosis of more than 1/3 patients can be corrected by renal biopsy.

Guidance therapy: By renal biopsy can make nearly one-third of the clinical treatment of patients modified.

Estimation of prognosis: through renal biopsy can be more accurate evaluation of the prognosis of patients with kidney disease.

Kidney puncture can be simply understood as a way of kidney disease examination. Many people are aware of the treatment of kidney disease, expensive in your timely, expensive, but often also overlooked a premise, that is, before treatment, first of all to determine the type of kidney disease in patients with a view to ensure the treatment targeted and correct.

The harm of Kidney puncture

Pain: usually in the biopsy site has a slight dull, usually 3-5 days to disappear, may be related to puncture damage to the waist soft tissue. In the rare case of renal colic.

Infection: more and puncture disinfection or the original renal infection.

Kidney laceration: a serious complication, due to puncture needle into the kidney of the moment the patient breathless, talk, cough or move the body to change the location of the kidney was punctured. The performance of severe pain, severe hematuria, or in the kidney around the formation of large hematoma, blood pressure and hemoglobin quickly decreased.

Hematuria: almost all patients after renal biopsy have microscopic hematuria, a small number of severe bleeding can be transfused treatment and taking into account whether there is perirenal hematoma or renal laceration and other serious complications should be closely observed.

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