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How to prevent kidney stones by diet?

admin TAGS:kidney stone 2017-10-09 17:49

Kidney stone is a disease which brings great pain to the human body, not only endanger the health of the kidneys, but also has a direct impact on the normal operation of human excretion. As a kidney disease, kidney stones occur more often in the hot summer, this is because in the summer, human body sweat a lot, and even lead to dehydration in the body, so that urination reduced, urinary excretion of calcium increased urinary stones easy to produce crystal nuclei, thus forming Kidney stones. Treatment of kidney stones is a relatively difficult process, but patients must remember taboo foods of kidney stones diet, this is an adjunctive therapy of kidney stones.

(1) Ensure adequate drinking water: especially in summer and night, must be stressed before going to bed drinking water, and drinking water again in the middle of the night. It is best to drink less mineralized mineral water to ensure that the daily drinking water more than 2500ml to dilute the urine, reduce the crystal precipitation, rinse the urinary tract and discharge small stones.

(2) Control diet: diet Dietary composition should be based on the type of stone and the pH of the urine. For calcium oxalate stones, avoid eating high-oxalic acid foods such as spinach, tomato, potatoes, beets, grapefruit, black tea, chocolate, etc; and high calcium foods such as milk and cheese.

kidney stones diet
kidney stones diet

For idiopathic hypercalcite should limit calcium intake to reduce calcium content. Such as kidney stones patients caused by low calcium diet and lead to increased urinary acid excretion, should not have a low calcium diet. Hyperuricemia and high urinary acid should have a low purine diet, avoid eating animal offal, coarse grains and legumes.

(3) Active treatment of disease caused by kidney stones caused: such as removal of thyroid adenoma, control of renal pelvis infection and the removal of urinary tract obstruction. For patients with high calcium urine, oral administration of hydrochlorothiazide 25-50mg, 2 times a day to increase renal calcium absorption.

The above is the relevant introduction of "how to prevent kidney stones by diet", hoping to help you. Kidney stones in the treatment process must pay attention to diet, if diet is improper, kidney stones may increase, so kidney stones patients should pay attention to diet.


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