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What does protein in urine with back pain mean?

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At present, many patients appear the symptomes protein in urine with back pain, so many patients feel very worried, but also fear whether it is caused by some of the complications of the phenomenon. Encounter this situation, the patient should not be too nervous, we must keep calm, the best solution is to the regular hospital for rountine tests.

Patients with kidney disease will have the symptoms of proteinuria, according to inpidual physical differences the urine of the protein associated with the phenomenon of back pain will appear, Chinese medicine that "waist for the kidney of the House," kidney can respond to back pain, Its characteristics for the tired after the pain. This is also very normal, the symptoms of kidney deficiency in the performance of the lack of confidence, lack of self-confidence, do not want to work, no passion for life, no goals and direction. Symptoms of kidney deficiency in sexual function is the reduction of sexual interest in men, decreased libido,  spermatorrhea, skimming, premature ejaculation, microscopic examination can reduce sperm or sperm motility reduction, infertility.

protein in urine with back pain

Male friends appear protein in urine with back pain does not mean suffering from kidney disease, the patient must learn to judge, kidney disease hospital experts made it clear that not all men’s "low back pain" are caused by kidney deficiency. Kidney etiology and complexity of the term kidney deficiency also belong to the scope of Chinese medicine, Chinese and American hospitals experts said that low back pain may also be caused by the lumbar disc, lumbar muscle strain, kidney stones and other diseases caused by the common by the spine and the surrounding The cause of soft tissue caused by the spinal cord and spinal nerve disorders caused by the internal organs of the disease cited by the mental factors caused. So can not be due to low back pain on the kidney.

Through the introduction above, now can we understand what does protein in urine with back pain mean?In the event of this symptom, the patient must go to a regular hospital to conduct a comprehensive examination to understand the condition.

If you have questions about "protein in urine with back pain", it is recommended that you consult an online expert. Experts can according to your specific condition for your detailed analysis and give the best treatment.


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