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Can gout or high uric acid patients eat seafood?

admin TAGS:low purine s 2017-10-11 17:40

Seafood has always been misinterpreted as a food that can't be eaten by people with gout or hyperuricemia! However, this is not the truth!

Can gout or high uric acid patients eat seafood?

Kidney disease experts recommend gout patients low purine diet, medium purine food can be eat less, high purine diet is recommended not to eat.

Not all seafood is high purine food, there are also low purine, medium purine seafood, therefore, gout or hyperuricemia patients can still eat seafood. Here is a summary for everyone. You can rest assured to eat seafood: shrimp; fish; shellfish; crab.

To sum up, for jellyfish, sea cucumber can be completely assured of eating seafood! No matter fish, shrimp, shellfish and crabs, there are a lot of purine food. In the case of gout control and uric acid standards, a small amount can still be consumed. In addition, we usually think of white crucian carp fish and black fish is high purine foods, which belongs to the category of fasting, be sure to pay attention to!

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