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What harm do kidney stone stuck in ureter symptoms have?

admin TAGS: 2017-10-17 09:29

In recent years, the prevalence of kidney stones is growing. This makes a lot of people full of fear of kidney stones, fear of kidney stones caused harm to our bodies, afraid of kidney stones will affect our normal work and life. So, what harm do kidney stone stuck in ureter symptoms have in the end?

kidney stone stuck in ureter symptoms

1, kidney damage. The damage of kidney stones, kidney stones if long-term hydronephrosis, dysuria, obstruction of the upper pressure, renal blood flow decreased and renal function decreased, can cause kidney atrophy, and even loss of renal function.
2, local damage. If the volume of kidney stones is smaller and larger, local tissue damage is only a minor degree of kidney stones if the large size and with staghorn, will produce fibrous tissue proliferation and neutrophil and lymphocyte infiltration, ulcer, leading to renal fibrosis and renal pelvis and calyces of exfoliated epithelial cells.
3. urinary tract obstruction. Urinary tract obstruction is not only the main factor of secondary renal damage, but also the most common secondary damage to renal stone. Obstruction of the urinary tract results in symptoms of hydronephrosis above the obstruction. The kidney stone can cause the obstruction, the above place to bear the pressure to be too big, the hydronephrosis to be too long, the urination to suffocate suffocate, the kidney blood flow to reduce and so on harms.
Kidney stones obstructing ureteral symptoms can cause damage to our kidneys, make it difficult to urinate and, in severe cases, render the kidneys lose their function. The kidney is an essential organ for our human body, to timely treatment after we found that patients with renal calculi ureteral obstruction symptoms, if necessary, we can use surgery to achieve the purpose of treatment so that patients with early rehabilitation.

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