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How long can IgA nephropathy stage 4 control?

admin TAGS: 2017-08-13 17:16

Was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy patients, we should actively adopt effective measures for treatment of this disease, if missed the best timing of treatment, will slowly development is very serious, to the influence caused by the patient more, some patients will develop IgA nephropathy stage 4. So, how long can IgA nephropathy stage 4 control?

How long can IgA nephropathy stage 4 control?

IgA nephropathy stage 4 can control how long can not be determined, this is no way to generalize, because of the specific condition of each patient is different, different treatment, treatment effect, can be controlled in time is uncertain, if the patient's condition after the effective treatment, the control is good, the the control time is generally longer, but if the contrary, the control time is relatively short.
IgA nephropathy stage 4 patients to maintain a good attitude, have a very important good living habits and eating habits, the patient's body if I were allowed to, can also be appropriate to do some aerobic exercise, and usually pay attention to rest, avoid strenuous exercise and overwork, when illness stable can go out for a walk, walk and so on, there are certain advantages to improve the patient's condition, to avoid the cold period to reduce the chances of infection, if once the infection occurs, no matter what type of infection, should actively for treatment.
With IgA nephropathy stage 4 patients in addition to treat their condition correctly and timely, but also actively improve immunity, to avoid cold, if there is a cold in the early, should be timely application of potent antibiotics as soon as possible to increase the control, to avoid the cold treatment of IgA nephropathy patients increase the difficulty, even more eat fruit and vegetables.

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