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Diabetic nephropathy, how to delay the development of the di

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By understanding everyone with our message consultation, presumably there are many diabetic nephropathy patients and their families want to understand that how to delay the development of the diabetic nephropathy, then please experts for a brief introduction to it!

Diabetic nephropathy, how to delay the development of the disease?

Control of high blood sugar: from diabetes should be actively controlled from high blood sugar, and must be strictly compliance. The better the blood sugar control, the lower the chance of suffering from diabetic nephropathy.
Control of high blood pressure: active control of high blood pressure, strict compliance. Less salt diet, appropriate exercise, active calcium. Those who have high blood pressure should adhere to antihypertensive drugs under the guidance of a doctor.
Control of high cholesterol: low density lipoprotein, cholesterol is a risk factor for the occurrence of proteinuria. So there are dyslipidemia, but also should be lipid-lowering treatment.
Regular physical examination: diabetic nephropathy is silent killer, early without any symptoms. So must adhere to regular physical examination, which in particular to check the urine microalbumin.
Drug treatment: in the event of microalbuminuria, with or without high blood pressure, should be under the guidance of a doctor taking angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers drugs. Not only can lower blood pressure, but also reduce urinary albumin, delay the progress of renal damage.
Reasonable diet: limiting protein intake is an important means to delay the progress of diabetic nephropathy, kidney disease should be based on the different stages of development to take different limits. A small salt diet can help control blood pressure and edema. Add iron, calcium, contribute to the recovery of the kidneys.
Quit smoking: smoking will accelerate the decline in renal function. Smoking has a much faster rate of renal failure in smokers than in non-smokers. Therefore, if you have smoking habits, from now on immediately quit.
Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection: Diabetic patients prone to urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection after the occurrence of regular antibiotic treatment, so as not to have damaged the original kidney "worse."
Avoid the use of drugs that damage the kidneys: some drugs can damage kidney function. To the excretion of kidney-based drugs, renal dysfunction should not be taken. Therefore, before the medication must read the instructions or consult a doctor.

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