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Does kidney stone cause kidney failure?

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Kidney stones and kidney failure are one of the kidney diseases, I believe you are not strange with these two diseases! So, will they interact with each other? Next, experts are asked to give you a brief introduction.
The process of the formation of kidney stones is caused by some factors, such as elevated concentration of crystalline substances or solubility in urine, supersaturated state, precipitation, crystallization, and local growth, accumulation, and eventually formation of stones. There are many factors that affect the formation of stones. Age, sex, race, heredity, environment, diet and occupation are related to the formation of stones. Abnormal metabolism (such as hyperparathyroidism, Cushing syndrome, high blood sugar), the lack of long-term bed, nutrition (vitamin B6 deficiency, magnesium deficiency diet), obstruction, urinary tract infection, the use of foreign bodies and drugs is a common cause of gallstone formation. Urinary stone has been known to have 32 components, the most common component is calcium oxalate, other components of stones such as magnesium ammonium phosphate, uric acid, calcium phosphate and cystine (an amino acid) and so on. Kidney stones are rarely pure crystalline, consisting mostly of two or more than two, while one is the main body.
Renal failure includes the following two kinds:
Acute renal failure: usually caused by insufficient blood supply to the kidneys (e.g., trauma or burns), renal impairment due to certain factors, impairment of function, or exposure to poison, resulting in acute renal failure. Chronic renal failure: because of the long term renal disease, the function of the kidney decreases gradually with the development of time and disease, which results in the occurrence of renal failure.
With the above information, we can know the kidney stones and renal failure all belong to kidney disease, but two kinds of disease is normally not affected each other, experts remind: the above information is only for reference, the specific situation depends on the progress of disease, if you have anything unclear or want to understand the problem, you can give us a message consulting.

Does kidney stone cause kidney failure?
Does kidney stone cause kidney failure?

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