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what does protein in urine look like?

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what does protein in urine look like?When urine protein content increases, regular urine routine tests can be detected, called proteinuria. If the urine protein content of more than 3.5g/24h, is known as proteinuria. After streptococcal infection, edema, hypertension, hematuria, proteinuria and tubular urine occur.

what does protein in urine look like?In general, the urine of normal people is pale yellow, clear and transparent. If the urine is placed for a long time, there will be a crystallization of salts, urine will also be converted to urine bile, bacterial growth and corruption and other factors, can lead to urine color deepened, cloudy and so on. What is the color of the urine, and if urine contains a lot of protein, then there will be a layer of urine and even very thick small white foam, and for a long time does not subside. This is a very intuitive, but very simple way to determine albuminuria. When we judge whether we have proteinuria, we should not use the naked eye to see if our urine has the color of albuminuria. The best to go to a regular hospital to do a 24 hour urine protein quantitative examination and renal function tests, so that the examination results will be very accurate, and generally will not be misdiagnosed.

what does protein in urine look like
what does protein in urine look like

what does protein in urine look like?

Proteinuria is also classified as functional proteinuria and pathological proteinuria.

(1) the so-called functional proteinuria, also known as physiological proteinuria. A temporary proteinuria that occurs in healthy people. More common in young people in the effect of strenuous exercise, fever, cold, high temperature environment, mental stress factors, renal vascular spasm or congestion, caused the enhancement of glomerular filtration membrane permeability and makes a number of proteins "escape". The functional proteinuria will disappear after the cause of the disappearance of proteinuria, therefore, albuminuria is also called reversible proteinuria or one-time proteinuria. For example, proteinuria in normal pregnant women can be affected by increased body position and renal flow rate, and increased glomerular filtration rate, leading to a mild increase in albuminuria.

 (2) pathological albuminuria refers to the continuous protein in urine caused by the pathological changes of a system or organ in human body. General 24h urine protein more than 150 mg. Common in three cases: proteinuria symptoms, 

  • 1. renal tubular proteinuria: renal tubular lesions or renal tubular function defects, the protein reabsorption decreased or secreted protein increased, leading to increased urinary protein. Such as renal tubular acidosis, kidney disease caused by analgesics and nephrotoxicity of antibiotics.
  • 2. overflow proteinuria (also known as coagulation proteinuria) patients urine heated to 40 degrees, turbidity, 60 degrees when coagulation, up to 100 degrees dissolved. It is seen in most cases of myeloma, primary amyloidosis, and so on. 
  • 3. glomerular proteinuria: for various reasons, glomerular capillary wall damage (such as immune damage), reducing or losing load, resulting in increased glomerular permeability. More plasma proteins, after filtration, exceed the tubular reabsorption capacity and cause proteinuria. Such as acute nephritis, lupus nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy and so on.

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