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What is the symptom of lupus nephritis?

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Lupus nephritis and primary glomerulonephritis similar to the onset can be hidden can also be sudden appear, the course of the general longer, with or without symptoms. This article for everyone to introduce it!
Edema is one of the common clinical manifestations and is often the main cause of patient. Nocturia is one of the early symptoms and often reflects urinary concentrating dysfunction. About 1/6 of the patients had impaired kidney function at the time of diagnosis. According to its clinical manifestations, can be pided into the following types.
1. asymptomatic proteinuria or hematuria: this type is more common, there is no edema, hypertension and other clinical manifestations, mainly characterized by mild moderate proteinuria (<2.5g/ days) or hematuria.
2. acute nephritic syndrome type: rare, clinically similar to acute nephritis after streptococcal infection. Onset of acute, hematuria, proteinuria, tube type urine, there may be swelling, hypertension, and even acute renal failure.
3. acute nephritis syndrome: rare can occur, clinically resembling acute nephritis, rapid onset, rapid development, oliguria or even no urine, hematuria, proteinuria, urinary tube, with edema, often without hypertension or mild hypertension, and poor blood rapid development and low protein in rapid deterioration of renal function, uremia occurred in the weeks and months.
4. nephrotic syndrome: this type is common, and approximately 60% of patients exhibit this type. Its clinical manifestations include large amounts of proteinuria (>3.5g/ days) and hypoproteinemia (<30g/L), which may have severe edema, but not necessarily increased blood cholesterol. If not treated in time, most of them can develop into uremia within 2~3 years.
5. chronic nephritis syndrome: persistent proteinuria, hematuria, tubular urine and varying degrees of edema, hypertension, anemia and renal dysfunction. The course of disease is long and the prognosis is poor. The prognosis is poor.
6. renal tubular syndrome: rare occur, clinical manifestations of renal tubular acidosis, nocturia, edema, hypertension, urine beta 2 microspheres, half of patients with renal dysfunction. Lupus nephritis may occur in the late stage of uremia, at this time the clinical lupus activity can be disappeared or atypical.

What is the symptom of lupus nephritis?
What is the symptom of lupus nephritis?

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