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TCM treatment of lupus nephritis

admin TAGS: 2017-08-05 14:45

Lupus nephritis is a serious kidney disease, it has been bother us, believe in the treatment of lupus nephritis has been a lot of families and the concerns of patients, Chinese medicine treatment for us not have side effect to our body, then we will take a look at it!
1, promote the remission of lupus nephritis. In lupus activity period, patients with fever, rash, joint pain, swelling, or pleural effusion, proteinuria and hematuria, decreased white blood cells, higher ESR, clinical manifestations, treatment and generally require adequate hormone and immunosuppressive agents, control the activity of lupus. At the same time, can carry on the treatment of TCM syndrome differentiation, TCM pathogenesis at this time to noxious heat and blood stasis, Qingrejiedu, Huoxue Tongluo treatment. Using the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, can more effectively control the symptoms of patients, so that active lupus nephritis is more likely to obtain remission of the disease.
2, reduce the side effects of hormones and immunosuppressive agents, and improve the quality of life of patients. Lupus nephritis occurs in a variety of side effects in the process of the use of hormones and immunosuppressive agents, including iatrogenic Cushing syndrome, face and body, wound healing, menstrual disorders, osteoporosis, psychiatric symptoms, bone marrow suppression, secondary infection and so on. In this process, the use of Chinese medicine can significantly reduce these toxic side effects, improve the symptoms of patients and improve the quality of life of patients.
3, reduce the recurrence of lupus nephritis. Lupus nephritis is easy to relapse, many patients in excessive fatigue, resistance due to infection and other causes of infection, the condition repeated, lupus again. Therefore, prevention of lupus recurrence is the key to improve the prognosis of lupus nephritis. In the course of hormone reduction or maintenance treatment, according to the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine conditioning. For patients with lumbocrural pains, dizziness, dry mouth and throat, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse, liver and kidney yin deficiency syndrome, with two to six pills and Dihuang Decoction to nourish liver and kidney. If the patient is tired , sweating, loss of appetite, cold again and again, which belongs to the lung and spleen deficiency, with the four gentlemen of Yuping Feng San Decoction based conditioning. It can reduce the recurrence of lupus nephritis and improve the prognosis of patients by regulating the immune function of patients and enhancing the resistance of patients.

TCM treatment of lupus nephritis
TCM treatment of lupus nephritis

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