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What is the treatment of lupus nephritis?

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Long-term use of large dose drug treatment will bring complications, but if without maintenance therapy, but also cause repeated activity of lupus, kidney damage continues to aggravate, and finally may develop into renal failure. Therefore, in the course of treatment, (1) Should be based on lupus activity, take timely adjustment of treatment. To have a long-term planning, do not stop the medicine blindly when disease condition is improved, or take a long-term medication blindly. (2) Treatment plan varies from person to person. Lupus nephritis patients with different severity, there are many different types of treatment for different patients and different types of treatment should be taken.
The current clinical use of high-dose hormone combined with cyclophosphamide intravenous treatment is not suitable for all patients with lupus nephritis. Should be based on the patient's clinical condition and renal biopsy under the guidance of a doctor to choose anti-lupus drugs. In the long-term maintenance treatment, the combination of Chinese and Western therapy is not only effective, fewer side effects, the patient can also work and live normally. (3) Lupus nephritis should take a long-term treatment, and some patients even need life-long treatment.
Systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis is a great harm to us, we must pay attention. Treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis in terms of Chinese medicine, or Western medicine point of view, the general principle is that, for mild renal damage, through the Western medicine treatment, living in the appropriate tone to prevent or delay renal function Sexual deterioration, improve or alleviate the clinical symptoms and prevention of serious complications for the important purpose, we hope to control the disease to moderate and severe development, and for moderate to severe damage, due to a large number of protein loss, and lack of nutrients in the overall Treatment at the same time, should pay attention to maintaining the balance of water and electrolyte, add protein, vitamins.
Systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis patients because of weak resistance, it is easy to catch cold and cross infection, and infection is often easy to make the disease worse, It’s also very important to chose antibiotics will not increase burden on kidneys, and will not cause relapse of the disease. Chinese medicine at this time can give full play to its advantages.
As the symptoms of lupus nephritis is quite complex, the pathological changes of the kidney are also varied. Therefore, we advocate in the acute stage, or when renal damage is severe, adrenal cortex hormones and immunosuppressive agents is still essential. Because it can quickly control the symptoms, reduce the pain of patients, reduce lupus erythematosus damage to kidneys.
Systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis is not the incurable disease as we called, it can be treated, so even if suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis, do not worry, we should go to the regular hospital for treatment timely, so as not to delay patient's treatment, and finally I wish you a speedy recovery!


What is the treatment of lupus nephritis?
What is the treatment of lupus nephritis?


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