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Can lupus nephritis cause pain?

admin TAGS: 2017-11-03 16:55

Can lupus nephritis cause pain? Need to see the condition of lupus nephritis, whether have the symptoms of pain in the waist and abdomen, do not rule out the condition caused by lupus kidney, in the treatment of lupus kidney at the same time, the proposal can also look at Chinese medicine, then also through the Chinese medicine Differentiation to carry out consolidation therapy, this will also have a very good effect.
Systemic lupus erythematosus caused by nephritis after muscle pain, the impact on the body is relatively large, generally recommend the use of hormone drugs, with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, muscle pain, it is recommended to take analgesic drugs, usually more rest, prevent colds, to avoid the disease.
Lupus nephritis drug treatment during the emergence of pain symptoms, to consider the drug treatment during the repeated manifestations of the disease should be timely medical referral is appropriate, a clear diagnosis of integrated Chinese and Western medicine after a comprehensive drug conditioning, and regular follow-up review. Usually more rest, reasonable diet nutrition, pay attention to cold and warm.


Can lupus nephritis cause pain?
Can lupus nephritis cause pain?


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