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What are the manifestations of kidney disease?

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Patients with kidney disease have a variety of symptoms, different patients, due to various reasons leading to kidney disease patients manifestations are also different. Here we introduce several manifestations of kidney disease.
Edema is one of the most common manifestations of nephropathy, edema is due to excessive salt, or large water intake . Salt intake too much will lead to increased moisture in the human body, and can not be excreted, so overflowing in the skin and limbs, resulting in edema.
Anemia is also a common manifestation of kidney disease patients, kidney disease in patients with impaired renal function, resulting in renal erythropoietin produced reduced, the number of red blood cells will be reduced, resulting in reduced hematopoietic, resulting in anemia symptoms.
Sometimes poor appetite is also a manifestation of kidney disease. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney disease is caused by the poisonous evil of the body caused by the body, excessive toxins will stimulate the stomach, resulting in poor appetite, nausea and other symptoms.
Renal insufficiency, due to the body of urea nitrogen and creatinine and other toxins can not be fully discharged, resulting in urea cream and calcium salt deposition in the skin, often appear skin itching, accompanied by facial skin darker, dry dull, chlorosis and so on.
The above is the introduction of kidney disease manifestations, we hope to help. If you have any other questions, please consult our online doctor or give us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What are the manifestations of kidney disease?
What are the manifestations of kidney disease?

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