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Tongshantang hospital:Are uremic patients dialysis pain?

admin TAGS: 2017-07-31 11:39

Uremic patients need to first understand the disease, uremia is impossible to cure, and even after the patient through the kidney transplant approach, the patient will continue to take medicine to control the disease, the patient must be the right to face uremia This serious kidney disease. Here to share with you uremia dialysis pain related knowledge.
First: the treatment of uremia choose dialysis, dialysis is pided into peritoneal and hemodialysis, the general patients can choose hemodialysis, to the regular hospital for treatment, treatment is not too obvious when the pain, but because of the need to go many times a week The hospital for hemodialysis, so patients need a lot of patience.
Second: uremic patients in the diet above is the most important attention, do not eat high protein foods, especially some fungi and beans are not eat the food. And water above also pay attention to, do not drink plenty of water every day to control their own intake of water, be sure to control.
Third: hemodialysis is now the most commonly used method of uremic patients, but even with the same method for treatment, each patient's survival period is still very different, because there are many Other factors to decide. For example, the patient's personal constitution.
Uremic patients need to pay attention to the matter is very much, do not stay up all night, rest time to regular, and diet should be controlled, do not blindly choose treatment options, we must communicate with the attending physician.

Tongshantang hospital:Are uremic patients dialysis pain?
Tongshantang hospital:Are uremic patients dialysis pain?

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