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Tongshantang expert: Misdiagnosis of IgA nephropathy

admin TAGS: 2017-07-25 14:52

The clinical manifestations of IgA nephropathy are various. Besides typical paroxysmal hematuria, it can also be accompanied by atypical clinical manifestations such as low back pain and abdominal pain. These atypical clinical manifestations are easily misdiagnosed. There are specific points as follows:
Misdiagnosis of the first: urinary tract infection accounted for 52.6%
Related symptoms: low back pain, abdominal pain, urgency, frequent urination
Error therapy: repeated anti inflammation
Treatment effect: symptomatic treatment is poor, repeated examination of urine routine, there is a small amount of proteinuria
Misdiagnosis two: hypertensive renal damage accounted for 26.3%
Related symptoms: dizziness, chest tightness, foam urine, syncope, high blood pressure, accompanied by a family history of hypertension
Reasons for misdiagnosis: Clinicians pay attention to the appearance of the phenomenon, but not carefully identify the kidney lesions of IgA nephropathy, and then the clinical manifestation of elevated blood pressure. Some of them are accompanied by proteinuria and glomerular dysfunction, while hypertension and kidney damage usually occur earlier, with a longer course of disease and less urinary protein.
Misdiagnosis three: urinary calculi accounted for 16.7%
Related symptoms: hematuria, low back pain
The causes of misdiagnosis:because some patients have obvious low back pain, abdominal pain, the mechanism may be associated with ureter or gastrointestinal submucosal arterial disease, may also be a small blood clot in the urinary tract caused by temporary obstruction, while urinating urinary tract caused by urinary Acute, frequent urination.
It can be seen,the symptoms of IgA nephropathy are various, leading to 95% of the patients with initial misdiagnosis, delayed treatment time 3 months to 5 years.

Tongshantang expert: Misdiagnosis of IgA nephropathy
Tongshantang expert: Misdiagnosis of IgA nephropathy

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