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How about IgA nephropathy patients who can't sleep well?

admin TAGS: 2017-07-25 14:40

Indeed many people sleep is a problem, some people may have the phenomenon of staying up late, or now the day when the work pressure is great, so the evening will affect the sleep, the usual time for the body is not good, if you are suffering from IgA nephropathy after that, I didn't have enough sleep will have a great influence on our health. So,how about IgA nephropathy patients who can't sleep well?
How about IgA nephropathy patients who can't sleep well?:
Indeed, if you do not sleep well, you will feel tired, which can cause IgA nephropathy repeatedly and aggravate the disease. So it's important to sleep well. Now let's tell you how to improve sleep quality.
The patient's sleep must be adequate. Generally adults sleep for 7-8 hours,However, the majority of patients with IgA nephropathy are less active and lie in bed for a long time. They tend to sleep poorly, which in turn affects treatment and prognosis.To sleep well, the following aspects must be done:
Often take a bath, warm feet before going to bed. Don't drink coffee, tea or food before going to bed. But don't fall asleep on an empty stomach. It's more difficult to fall asleep when you are hungry. There is a saying in Chinese medicine that "stomach disharmony will restless".
Minimize all kinds of external stimuli such as lights, noise, voices, heat, cold, etc.. Don't put the lamp directly above your head. It should be in front of your head. If you feel noisy indoors or indoors, use headphones or cotton plugs. The room temperature is very important, generally winter 18-22 degrees, summer 19-25 C, the human body feel more comfortable.
If the habit of staying up late, after suffering from IGA nephropathy must be corrected, originally for the body has a very bad effect, if suffering from this disease does not change after it will aggravate the condition of IgA nephropathy. Hope that everyone can actively treatment, cure the disease early, and finally wish you all happiness.

How about IgA nephropathy patients who can't sleep well?
How about IgA nephropathy patients who can't sleep well?

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