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listen to others word, kidney patients develop a greater ris

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Most patients with uremia are a little bit from nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, renal failure in development over which, although there are some patients is very heavy, now medical means can not control, but more patients is because "they said" three words.
They said, "no pain, no itching, no pipe."
Kidney disease is a dumb disease, the patient's awareness rate is only 1/10, many people do not know that they have kidney disease. In a lucky coincidence that protein, occult blood, they say "I don't feel uncomfortable, not", 90% of the patients don't want to see a doctor. However, early nephropathy is the most easy to treat, if not to see a doctor, patients must also in accordance with the previous habits to life, believe it will not take long before more serious, until the renal failure, there is no way to the doctor.
They said, "antihypertensive, hypoglycemic drugs, eat more, there will be dependent.""
Data show that in addition to primary renal disease, diabetes has become the leading cause of renal failure, uremia, diabetic patients without good control of blood glucose, 5-10 can cause a variety of complications, including renal failure is one of the most serious complications. And the average person does not know how high blood pressure or diabetes affects the kidneys, so under the guidance of a regular doctor, medication will greatly protect kidney function.
They said, "with kidney disease, you're going to suffer from kidney failure.".
It is right to throw aside the time, and after dozens of years, everyone will become uremia. However, from one person to death, the probability of entering uremia is not high, and the maximum is two or three.
The effect of this sentence is the biggest destroy patient confidence, let patients styled, accidentally stepped into the trap to really become uremia.

listen to others word, kidney patients develop a greater risk of uremia
listen to others word, kidney patients develop a greater risk of uremia

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