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Can kidney patients swim in the summer?

admin TAGS: 2017-07-25 14:19

Swimming in summer can not only improve muscle quality, maintain joint health, but also benefit cardiovascular health. But can kidney disease patients swim, will it aggravate the condition?
Nephrotic patients have the following drawbacks of swimming.
One: consume a lot of physical strength
For patients with kidney disease, a tired physical condition can threaten the patient's condition, if things go on like this, it is possible to lead to aggravation.
Two: low water temperature, easy to catch cold
Especially in the evening to go swimming, because of lack of sun exposure, kidney disease patients are more susceptible to colds. And colds often lead to kidney disease recurrence, and may even make the disease intensified, into the irreversible renal failure.
Three: If the kidney disease has been developed to uremic stage, because of damage on nervous system, it is easy to secondary to epileptic seizures. As epilepsy has sudden, paroxysmal, repeatability, the patient may suffer from an epileptic attack while swimming.
And epilepsy once attacked, kidney disease patients often face the threat of death. In addition, because the summer has a high incidence of various infectious diseases, public swimming pool and more complex, once choked water while swimming it is likely to be infected with bronchitis, enteritis and other infectious diseases.
Therefore, summer, we do not recommend kidney patients to go swimming.

Can kidney patients swim in the summer?
Can kidney patients swim in the summer?

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