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Vitamin D supplements ought to be a certain degree

admin TAGS: 2017-07-22 16:25

Chinese people abroad often buy a lot of goods, foreign pharmacies is a major resort. In addition to infant milk powder, there is also a drug often sold out, that is, vitamin D tablets. Why are we all crazy about vitamin D supplements?

Vitamin D supplement is necessary, it can effectively prevent osteoporosis, fractures, and hypertension, chronic kidney disease and other chronic diseases. But everything should pay attention to a "degree", vitamin D controlled in 30 - 75ng/ml which is ideal, go to the other extreme, blindly tonic may be excessive. A lot of people go abroad to buy 5000 international units of vitamin D, which is very easy to overdose. Once patients were diagnosed lacking of vitamin D, have somebody else to buy a lot of vitamin D abroad and take them; when checked in hospital, doctors found that the patient has 200ng/ml, this is a toxic dosage, the concentration likely induce kidney stones which cause renal damage. Therefore, whether it is prescribed by hospital or bought vitamin D tablets by their own, patients being on medication must 3 to 6 months go to the hospital to check once.

In addition, vitamin D after metabolism in the liver and kidney form active substances, so patients with liver and kidney dysfunction, need to take hydroxylated vitamin D, they can not just take the pharmacy tablets.

Matters need attention in the treatment of chronic kidney disease

First. Avoiding misdiagnosis. Chronic kidney disease is a tough disease. Its pathogenesis is complex, and it is difficult to diagnose and lack of treatment methods. So it is especially easily to be misdiagnosed and mistreated. Therefore, in the treatment of chronic kidney disease, we must find highly specialized hospitals and doctors for accurate diagnosis. Because only the diagnosis is accurate, can avoid mistreatment.

Second. Finding effective treatment. The treatment of chronic kidney disease requires high  technical level, it is difficult to complete the overall treatment process without a solid foundation; so patients with renal disease must carefully make decision in the treatment. So far, there is not effective treatment for chronic kidney disease in western medicine. If want an effective treatment, only in the area of traditional Chinese medicine find experienced, skilled hospitals or experts and get treated. 

Third. Once finding effective treatment methods, patients must adhere to the treatment, get  cured with one shot. In the course of the treatment, what especially important is to closely cooperate with the doctor's treatment, obey the doctor's arrangements, strictly follow the doctor's medication, and get timely revisit, timely review, in order to avoid disease recurrence, cause greater losses.

Fourth. Strengthening the confidence in treatment; should not be disturbed by medical insurance and other objective factors, do not affect the treatment effect because of financial problems, so to avoid that the originally curable disease develop into incurable disease.

Fifth. Making the family members support the treatment, in order to alleviate the patient's psychological pressure.

Vitamin D supplements ought to be a certain degree
Vitamin D supplements ought to be a certain degree 

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