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Hua Xia: What happens to kidney atrophy in the end?

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Nephritis is easy to evolve into kidney atrophy; how to treat kidney atrophy? We should learn it well, how will kidney atrophy eventually develop? And then let us come to learn about it!
People generally have two kidneys; if one kidney get atrophy, the other healthy kidney will be fully qualified for excretion work; if there is no injury history, or other serious disease, generally people do not have renal atrophy; renal atrophy will induce abnormal urination and body edema; it is recommended that if feeling discomfort people should get a routine examination of the urine or renal ultrasound.
Usually take exercise properly, maintain a happy mood, do not eat greasy food, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and high protein foods. When the reason for atrophied kidneys is unclear, the diseased kidney can be removed or retained according to the condition. As for the diet, patients should pay attention to light diet, it can help reduce the burden on the kidney and eliminate or reduce its clinical symptoms; try not to do strenuous exercise, can not be too tired,  thus can reduce the burden on the kidney.
Atrophy of the kidney is a pathological term, that is to say, atrophy of the kidney refers to decreased kidney volume, it also known as end-stage renal. At this time, the renal glomerulus and the renal tubules (i.e., the nephron) have been destroyed mostly or for all, and the kidneys have lost their physiological function. Renal B - type ultrasonography is usually performed in patients with chronic renal failure to see if the kidneys are suffering from renal atrophy, and this method is not harmful to the patient.
People have two kidneys, one is atrophy and only one was left working, in fact, in daily life, maintain a healthy lifestyle, not drinking and smoking, maintaining a healthy schedule, can well avoid suffering from nephritis, so don't be afraid.
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Hua Xia: What happens to kidney atrophy in the end?
Hua Xia: What happens to kidney atrophy in the end?

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