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What should be noted for diet of glomerulonephritis patients?

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Many patients do not know what to do with the occurrence of glomerulonephritis, let alone how to do with their diet; now explain for everyone what attention should be paid to glomerulonephritis diet?
Generally speaking, the diet of nephritis patients must adhere to the principle of high quality, low protein, low salt, low fat and low sugar. In aspects of key protein intake, complete low protein diet can not meet the nutritional needs of patients, so patients should take certain quality protein. Vegetable protein and soy products are not in this category, therefore, patients with kidney disease must limit the intake of soy products, eat less or none.
Patients with glomerulonephritis keep diet at the same time should be treated effectively; for the treatment of glomerulonephritis, how to turn off the pathogenic power of immune complex and glomerular basement membrane positive and negative charges attraction becomes the crucial first step in the treatment of glomerulonephritis. 
Avoid high fat food; patients with glomerulonephritis often have hypertension and anemia symptoms; animal fat is unfavorable to hypertension and anemia, because fat can aggravate atherosclerosis and inhibit hematopoietic function, so it should not be excessive consumed by patients with chronic nephritis.
During the treatment of glomerulonephritis, there may be some other complications, we should be careful with that. Headache and dizziness are also common symptoms. So patients should rest in bed more, increase renal blood flow, thus can alleviate some complications, and should pay more attention to the treatment of anti infection, and can use antibiotics to prevent the recurrence of the disease.
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diet in glomerulonephritis
What should be noted for diet of glomerulonephritis patients?


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