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Iga kidney disease treatment methods have what

This article describes the treatment of iga nephropathy and iga kidney disease prognosis, help us understand iga kidney disease treatment period need to pay attention to kidney fibrosis, patient symptoms and proteinuria and other issues....

Iga kidney disease treatment methods have what

Oct 16, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The treatment of kidney disease has always been a heart disease in many patients with kidney disease. Iga nephropathy treatment? Iga kidney disease treatment should be combined with the correct care and recovery of renal function, as soon as possible to restore renal function, to curb the symptoms of kidney disease, early recovery of kidney disease.

Kidney disease treatment methods? On this issue we look at the best kidney disease hospital experts to give us the introduction of it Treatment iga kidney disease, we have to consider the following questions:

The degree of fibrosis of the patient's kidney. If the damage is lighter, then cure hope, the prognosis is good, otherwise the prognosis is poor;

2, depending on the patient's symptoms, persistent microscopic hematuria associated with proteinuria, poor prognosis;

3, moderate and severe proteinuria prompted the final development of renal dysfunction to poor prognosis; IgA nephropathy in patients with nephrotic syndrome, if the pathological changes of renal tissue slightly, good response to glucocorticoid treatment, the prognosis is good. In fact, whether it is mild or slightly heavier patients if the treatment properly, there are possible to cure IgA nephropathy, or to achieve clinical cure, easy to relapse, prevent the formation of uremia failure in renal failure may.

This period is the key to the clinical treatment of the time, if you can actively improve the fundamentally treatment, can achieve clinical cure. Hormone for IgA nephropathy 3, only a simple symptomatic control index treatment, it is impossible to fundamentally treat, withdrawal, reduction or encounter incentives are often easy to repeat.

Above is about iga kidney disease treatment methods have introduced, we clear it! Hope that patients can be timely to the regular hospital for treatment, so as not to delay your condition!

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