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How to prevent pyelonephritis?

This article focuses on how we can prevent pyelonephritis, as well as the experts that provide life prevention and diet for our prevention of pyelonephritis....

How to prevent pyelonephritis?

Oct 15, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert


how to prevent pyelonephritis?Majority of nephropyelitis could cure if treat in time, control infection, and proper rest. Otherwise nephropyelitis treats untimely, not completely, and be easy to relapse, even cause renal failure. So, how to prevent and treat pyelonephritis in a right way?

In order the recurrence of kidney disease we need to pay attention to the following aspects, let us to know how to prevent pyelonephritis:

1,Pay attention to the cleanliness of vulva and urethral orifice,

Should change underwear, especially during women monthly period,gestation period or the immunity of human body decreasing, don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of vulva, germ come into bladder through urethra, and by the power of bladder and vesicoureteral reflux entered pelvis, and then abuse its essence, at last formed urinary system infection.

2,In diet, need high heat,high vitamin,semifluid and digestible sample food.

Drink more water, everyday intake not less than 3000ml to increase urine, and be good for syringing urethral, and promote eliminating germ,toxin and inflammatory secretions.

3,Take exercise to strengthen habitus and improve the body resistance. Have a good rest, avoid to tire and constipation.

4,Women, after curing acute stage, should notice contraception in a year.

5,Prohibit bath in a tub for women, in case of the water countercurrent into bladder, and cause infection.


In addition to the above, we should also know about how to prevent the occurrence of pyelonephritis in the diet

Nephropyelitis diet notice:

1, Nephropyelitis limit the onset of acute glomerulonephritis protein 3 ~ 6 days. Glomerular filtration rate drops, can produce a nitrogen qualitative sex disease. Protein diet should be restricted, therefore, within the limit of persons to eat high protein food, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, etc. When things improve, urine volume increased, urine volume > 1000 ml every day, began to gradually increase the protein intake. But daily must not exceed 0, 8 g/kg body weight.

2, Nephropyelitis low salt, low sodium diet have edema and high blood pressure patients should use low salt, no salt diet. Low salt diet general daily salt less than 3 grams or soy sauce 10-15 ml. All that salt all should avoid eating more food, such as pickles, pickled vegetables, egg, preserved egg, meat, seafood, dry noodles, etc. When salt-free diet is cooking do not add salt or soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, sesame paste, tomato sauce to taste.

3, limit high potassium foods when oliguria, no urine, or potassium rises, should limit potassium rich vegetables and fruits, such as yellow bean sprouts, leek, leeks, celery, cauliflower, cedar, spinach, bamboo shoots, lily, dry red, fresh mushrooms, seaweed, pickle, sichuan and spiced cabbage, mushroom, apricots, lotus root, sorghum, corn, lentils, tomato, towel gourd, balsam pear, etc. Limiting the amount into the liquid should be based on the amount of urine patients every day to control the fluid volume, supplementary methods commonly is in addition to supplement and the day before discharge amount of urine liquid, 500 ~ 1000 ml of liquid. If less urine output or accompanied by edema, daily dose of liquid should be less than 1000 ml.

4, supply adequate energy and fat of acute glomerulonephritis patients should stay in bed, the heat don't too high, the content of fat in diet should not be more, and should be mainly containing polyunsaturated fatty acid rich oils, which is given priority to with vegetable oil.

5, a sufficient supply of vitamins because of restrictions on food containing potassium more, will reduce the intake of vegetables and fruits, vitamin intake is significantly reduced, easy to cause vitamin deficiency. Multi-vitamin preparations should be added, especially vitamin c, should not be less than 300 milligrams a day.


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