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The different stages diet plan of iga kidney disease

This article introduces iga kidney disease diet, iga kidney disease diet recipe, helps you to help iga kidney disease treatment from diet, away from kidney disease....

The different stages diet plan of iga kidney disease

Oct 16, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

What is the diet of iga kidney disease? The importance of diet to patients with IgA nephropathy is no less important than the treatment strategy, which is different in different stages of IgA nephropathy. According to the different stages of IgA kidney disease, different diets are needed at each stage.

What is the diet of iga kidney disease?

Iga nephropathy diet plan Ⅰ

Mild lesion, the symptom is not apparent, the general appearance of lumbar pain, mild edema and simple urine blood or (and) mild urine protein. Moderate amount of iron, zinc, copper, manganese and other trace elements such as milk and carrot, promote metabolism and expand the immunity of the body. It is suitable for fresh vegetables and fruits that are light and easy to digest, such as cucumber, tomato, lily, winter melon, watermelon, arbutus, etc. Low sodium diet: 2 to 3 grams of salt per day. Don't eat salty foods, such as salted vegetables, salted fish, salted meat and salted eggs.

Iga nephropathy diet plan

Minor lesions are accompanied by a small number of segmental proliferation. In this stage, the blood (often persistent) in the asymptomatic microscopy (often persistent), the erythrocyte in the urine is mainly (or more than 80%) of deformed red blood cells, accompanied by a mild urine protein (< 1g / 24h). The patient should eat more apples, black sesame and wooden ears to keep the food of decrease internal heat. Take formula food, such as towel gourd, bamboo cane water, mau gruel, shepherd's purse, and black bean porridge, etc.

Iga nephropathy diet plan Ⅲ

Focal renal glomerulonephritis of the foci segment. IgA nephropathy is unusual early hypertension (less than 5% - 5%) with the duration extension incidence of high blood pressure to rise, to a category Ⅲ this symptoms appear relatively common. Try to supplement high blood pressure foods such as fresh dark green vegetables, seaweed, fungus, and oatmeal. Far 3 white (white sugar, white salt, animal fat) nearly three black (black rice, black fungus, purple vegetable), and often drink green tea, sour milk and so on. Control the energy intake, advocate to eat compound carbohydrate, such as starch, corn, prevent blood fat to rise.

Iga nephropathy diet plan Ⅳ

The diffuse membrane damage is associated with proliferation and hardening, and a large amount of urine protein, hypoalbuminemia, and microscopically are about 7% to 16% of lga kidney disease, often with severe back pain. Renal biopsy can show the formation of acute renal tubule necrosis, extensive RBC tube type and partial new month body. Low quality protein diet. Eat eggs, milk, lean meat and other animal protein rich in essential amino acids, but the intake of all discretionary (normal renal function and proteinuria larger daily intake in 1 ~ 1.5 g/kg * d, renal damage in severe protein should be limited to 0.6 ~ 0.8 g/kg * d).

Iga nephropathy diet plan Ⅴ 

At this stage to reduce the burden of the kidney, and about 20 grams of protein daily supply is relatively appropriate, generally choose eggs, milk, fish, etc, then can use of oral or intravenous essential amino acids. When urine is too much, use potassium food such as mushroom, mung bean, peanut kernel etc. If urine quantity is below 1000 milliliter, can choose the low potassium food such as lotus root powder, pumpkin, river shrimp. Iga nephropathy patients without diabetes, can be appropriately added sugar and fat, because of its metabolites into water and carbon dioxide, from the lungs and skin, not through the kidneys, can reduce the burden of the kidney.

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