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Stages of IgA nephropathy

This article mainly introduces the demarcation of iga nephritis stage, the different manifestations of each stage and the harm of each stage to the human body....

Stages of IgA nephropathy

Aug 29, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

IgA nephritis is a primary glomerular disease characterized by repeated attacks of the naked eye, the hyperplasia of the glomerulus, the proliferation of the glomerulus, and the proliferation of the stroma with the extensive IgA deposit.According to the disease IGA nephropathy will be pided into several stages, then we detail the IgA nephropathy stages.
Stages of IgA nephropathy:

1. Ⅰlevel of IgA nephropathy: The glomerular in this stage most are normal ,sometimes occur mild mesangial broadening accompany with hyperplasia ,kidney tubules and renal interstitium not change ,this is the lightest stage of IgA nephropathy .

2. Ⅱ level of IgA nephropathy : In this stage of IgA nephropathy ,the glomerular will show focal mesangial proliferation and hardening (<50%),there is a rare small crescent ,kidney tubule and renal interstitial without damage .

3.Ⅲ level of IgA nephropathy : In this stage of IgA nephropathy ,the glomerular present diffuse mesangial proliferation and broadening (sometimes occur focal segmental),sometimes occur small new month body ;kidney tubule and renal interstitial changes will present focal renal interstitial edema ,sometimes see cellular infiltration ,rarely seen renal atrophy .

4.Ⅳ level of IgA nephropathy :Glomerular lesions present serious diffuse mesangial proliferation and hardening ,part or complete glomerular sclerosis can see crescent (<45%).Renal tubular atrophy ,cellular infiltration ,incidental renal interstitial foam cells .

5.Ⅴ level of IgA nephropathy :The character of glomerular lesions is similar to Ⅳ level ,more serious ,glomerular crescent formation >45% .In this stage of IgA nephropathy ,IgA nephropathy lesion is very serious ,so it is difficult to cure ,the treatment of IgA nephropathy is the same as Ⅳ level treatment ,just need to strictly therapeutic schedule ,or have a long-term treatment .

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