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Peking University First Hospital

Peking University First Hospital, which is the Peking University Hospital, a long history, advanced equipment is the best choice for the treatment of disease....

Peking University First Hospital

Oct 21, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The first hospital Peking University(Peking University Hospital) is within the old imperial city in Beijing, is the nearest hospital from zhongnanhai, it is a combination of medical treatment , teaching, scientific research, prevention of large-scale comprehensive level of first-class hospital.

Peking University Hospital was founded in 1915, it is the earliest founded the national hospital, it is also one of the first established clinical school of medicine in China, The predecessor of Peking University Hospital is the approval of the ministry of education to set up affiliated Beijing medical school of the diagnosis, in 1946, it combined with Beijing Medical College and Beijing University to ne called Peking University Hospital.In 2000, Peking university and Peking University Health Science Center merged again to be called Peking University First Hospital.

Over the past century, the hospital has a batch of domestic initiative of professional discipline and carried out in our country to take the lead in diagnosis and treatment technology, such as domestic initiative of pediatrics,urinary surgery, kidney disease profession, the general hospital cardiovascular ward, pediatric neural profession, the domestic leader in intravenous anesthesia for improvement, first heart surgery, kidney transplant, introduction of iol implantation, coronary interventional treatment, the first autologous blood recovery machine,thoracoscopic surgery, minimally invasive incision lung transplantation, these made outstanding contributions to medical career in our country.

Peking University Hospital is equipped with 36 clinical departments, 17 medical departments, 6 institute, the total of 60 ward, 1500 beds. Our subject is complete, the level of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment is high, we have the total of twelve of national key discipline led units and participated units, we have the state department of pharmaceutical clinical research base.

Peking University Hospital has a long history of early a century and the western culture, under the guidance of“inheritance, innovation, harmony, competition”, all the staff work hard to build “ staffs paradise, the palace of the fertile soil personnel training, scientific research , medical services, international exchange center of the holy land”.

Achievements in scientific research

Our level of scientific research for many years is in the domestic leading position, in December 1999 was awarding as “national popular science education base”; since 1978, our hospital has won national, municipal, field including countries such as the national natural science progress prize in science and technology nominated by the ministry of education, Chinese medical science and other 320 prizes; over the past twenty years, thesises were issued a total of 2000 papers, SCI collected papers among medical institutions top for many years, the thesises that were issue is more than 700 papers.


In1993, the hospital was authorized to “level of first-class hospital” and “baby-friend hospital”by the ministry of health and the world health organization.In December 1999, the hospital was awarded as “national popular science education base”,so far the hospital is the first,the hospital in the thesis list for two consecutive years ranked third major medical institutions across the country , local medical institution.

Advanced equipment

All the hospital is filled with a total of 60 ward, 1500 beds, with 36 clinical departments and medical technology departments, 6 institute , it has represents contemporary Peking University first hospital of medical level with high , fine, sharp equipment 6678 units.

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